Welcome to the lessons page!

New lessons are being prepared and will appear as they are available. If there is anything you would like to be covered, please contact us and ask!

The lessons are divided into the following topics:

DC Electronics:

  1. Introduction to Electricity and Electronics
  2. Direct Current (DC) Circuits
  3. Ohm's Law [NEW]

AC Electronics:

  1. Introduction to Alternating Current (AC) Circuits


  1. Introduction to Semiconductors

Digital Logic:

  1. 3-Variable Karnaugh Map
  2. 4-Variable Karnaugh Map
  3. Quartus II Tutorial v11.1
  4. DE1 On-Board Clock tutorial
  5. DE1 EEPROM Programming

 Circuit Applications and Projects:

  1. The 555 Timer
  2. The Operational Amplifier